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Largest places in Belgium

The largest cities and places in Belgium at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Belgium.

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Largest places in Belgium
Koekelare Koekelare351.Flanders Flanders8,317
Sint-Martens-Latem Sint-Martens-Latem352.Flanders Flanders8,303
Beauraing Beauraing353.Wallonia Wallonia8,242
La Bruyere La Bruyère354.Wallonia Wallonia8,194
Kruishoutem Kruishoutem355.Flanders Flanders8,179
Yvoir Yvoir356.Wallonia Wallonia8,169
Lichtervelde Lichtervelde357.Flanders Flanders8,169
Zomergem Zomergem358.Flanders Flanders8,158
Bassenge Bassenge359.Wallonia Wallonia8,151
Bertrix Bertrix360.Wallonia Wallonia8,063
Philippeville Philippeville361.Wallonia Wallonia8,051
Kortessem Kortessem362.Flanders Flanders8,042
Dentergem Dentergem363.Flanders Flanders8,038
Lint Lint364.Flanders Flanders7,982
Roeulx Roeulx365.Wallonia Wallonia7,968
Hove Hove366.Flanders Flanders7,968
Merksplas Merksplas367.Flanders Flanders7,963
Galmaarden Galmaarden368.Flanders Flanders7,939
Gingelom Gingelom369.Flanders Flanders7,930
Zoutleeuw Zoutleeuw370.Flanders Flanders7,897
Knesselare Knesselare371.Flanders Flanders7,889
Silly Silly372.Wallonia Wallonia7,887
Waarschoot Waarschoot373.Flanders Flanders7,762
Habay-la-Vieille Habay-la-Vieille374.Wallonia Wallonia7,704
Boutersem Boutersem375.Flanders Flanders7,702
Quevy-le-Petit Quévy-le-Petit376.Wallonia Wallonia7,689
Jalhay Jalhay377.Wallonia Wallonia7,688
Schelle Schelle378.Flanders Flanders7,675
Sint-Amands Sint-Amands379.Flanders Flanders7,653
Brunehault Brunehault380.Wallonia Wallonia7,592
Estinnes-au-Val Estinnes-au-Val381.Wallonia Wallonia7,573
Trooz Trooz382.Wallonia Wallonia7,559
Antoing Antoing383.Wallonia Wallonia7,507
Oostrozebeke Oostrozebeke384.Flanders Flanders7,489
Floreffe Floreffe385.Wallonia Wallonia7,480
Sombreffe Sombreffe386.Wallonia Wallonia7,452
La Hulpe La Hulpe387.Wallonia Wallonia7,415
Kortenaken Kortenaken388.Flanders Flanders7,374
Perwez Perwez389.Wallonia Wallonia7,340
Vielsalm Vielsalm390.Wallonia Wallonia7,291
As As391.Flanders Flanders7,250
Vorselaar Vorselaar392.Flanders Flanders7,238
Messancy Messancy393.Wallonia Wallonia7,144
Anhee Anhée394.Wallonia Wallonia7,125
Oostmalle Oostmalle395.Flanders Flanders7,034
Zutendaal Zutendaal396.Flanders Flanders6,962
Wachtebeke Wachtebeke397.Flanders Flanders6,911
Wellen Wellen398.Flanders Flanders6,804
Heers Heers399.Flanders Flanders6,689
Hamois Hamois400.Wallonia Wallonia6,662

351 - 400 of 500 places
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