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Largest places in Belgium

The largest cities and places in Belgium at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Belgium.

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Largest places in Belgium
Wommelgem Wommelgem251.Flanders Flanders11,917
Zelzate Zelzate252.Flanders Flanders11,901
Gavere Gavere253.Flanders Flanders11,888
De Haan De Haan254.Flanders Flanders11,766
Beyne-Heusay Beyne-Heusay255.Wallonia Wallonia11,608
Laarne Laarne256.Flanders Flanders11,600
Anderlues Anderlues257.Wallonia Wallonia11,597
Bernissart Bernissart258.Wallonia Wallonia11,588
Theux Theux259.Wallonia Wallonia11,587
Zonnebeke Zonnebeke260.Flanders Flanders11,581
Boortmeerbeek Boortmeerbeek261.Flanders Flanders11,570
Herk-de-Stad Herk-de-Stad262.Flanders Flanders11,566
Malmedy Malm├ędy263.Wallonia Wallonia11,514
Farciennes Farciennes264.Wallonia Wallonia11,488
Profondeville Profondeville265.Wallonia Wallonia11,401
Enghien Enghien266.Wallonia Wallonia11,367
Deerlijk Deerlijk267.Flanders Flanders11,292
Virton Virton268.Wallonia Wallonia11,259
Nevele Nevele269.Flanders Flanders11,153
Gistel Gistel270.Flanders Flanders11,084
Olen Olen271.Flanders Flanders11,070
Seneffe Seneffe272.Wallonia Wallonia11,025
Wichelen Wichelen273.Flanders Flanders11,014
Meulebeke Meulebeke274.Flanders Flanders10,948
Chaumont-Gistoux Chaumont-Gistoux275.Wallonia Wallonia10,943
Frasnes-lez-Buissenal Frasnes-lez-Buissenal276.Wallonia Wallonia10,936
Alken Alken277.Flanders Flanders10,933
Damme Damme278.Flanders Flanders10,924
Aiseau Aiseau279.Wallonia Wallonia10,906
Nazareth Nazareth280.Flanders Flanders10,890
Nieuwpoort Nieuwpoort281.Flanders Flanders10,845
Staden Staden282.Flanders Flanders10,786
Kampenhout Kampenhout283.Flanders Flanders10,784
Spa Spa284.Wallonia Wallonia10,756
Grobbendonk Grobbendonk285.Flanders Flanders10,724
Florennes Florennes286.Wallonia Wallonia10,723
Moorslede Moorslede287.Flanders Flanders10,720
Melle Melle288.Flanders Flanders10,687
Aywaille Aywaille289.Wallonia Wallonia10,636
Rijkevorsel Rijkevorsel290.Flanders Flanders10,606
Ingelmunster Ingelmunster291.Flanders Flanders10,603
Steenokkerzeel Steenokkerzeel292.Flanders Flanders10,566
Oud-Heverlee Oud-Heverlee293.Flanders Flanders10,533
Waasmunster Waasmunster294.Flanders Flanders10,460
Berlaar Berlaar295.Flanders Flanders10,370
Borsbeek Borsbeek296.Flanders Flanders10,334
Vosselaar Vosselaar297.Flanders Flanders10,317
Hoeilaart Hoeilaart298.Flanders Flanders10,272
Durbuy Durbuy299.Wallonia Wallonia10,251
La Calamine La Calamine300.Wallonia Wallonia10,232

251 - 300 of 500 places
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