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Largest places in Belgium

The largest cities and places in Belgium at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Belgium.

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Largest places in Belgium
Aalst Aalst1.Flanders Flanders77,534
Aalter Aalter2.Flanders Flanders18,802
Aarschot Aarschot3.Flanders Flanders27,656
Aartselaar Aartselaar4.Flanders Flanders14,193
Aiseau Aiseau5.Wallonia Wallonia10,906
Alken Alken6.Flanders Flanders10,933
Alveringem Alveringem7.Flanders Flanders4,910
Amay Amay8.Wallonia Wallonia13,307
Ambleve Amblève9.Wallonia Wallonia5,221
Andenne Andenne10.Wallonia Wallonia24,055
Anderlues Anderlues11.Wallonia Wallonia11,597
Anhee Anhée12.Wallonia Wallonia7,125
Ans Ans13.Wallonia Wallonia27,297
Anthisnes Anthisnes14.Wallonia Wallonia4,116
Antoing Antoing15.Wallonia Wallonia7,507
Antwerpen Antwerpen16.Flanders Flanders459,805
Anzegem Anzegem17.Flanders Flanders13,920
Ardooie Ardooie18.Flanders Flanders9,161
Arendonk Arendonk19.Flanders Flanders12,247
Arlon Arlon20.Wallonia Wallonia26,179
As As21.Flanders Flanders7,250
Asse Asse22.Flanders Flanders28,985
Assenede Assenede23.Flanders Flanders13,495
Assesse Assesse24.Wallonia Wallonia6,279
Ath Ath25.Wallonia Wallonia26,681
Attert Attert26.Wallonia Wallonia4,491
Aubange Aubange27.Wallonia Wallonia14,932
Aubel Aubel28.Wallonia Wallonia4,119
Avelgem Avelgem29.Flanders Flanders9,106
Awans Awans30.Wallonia Wallonia8,612
Aywaille Aywaille31.Wallonia Wallonia10,636
Baelen Baelen32.Wallonia Wallonia3,928
Balen Balen33.Flanders Flanders19,978
Basse Lasne Basse Lasne34.Wallonia Wallonia13,861
Bassenge Bassenge35.Wallonia Wallonia8,151
Bastogne Bastogne36.Wallonia Wallonia14,395
Beaumont Beaumont37.Wallonia Wallonia6,645
Beauraing Beauraing38.Wallonia Wallonia8,242
Beauvechain Beauvechain39.Wallonia Wallonia6,334
Beernem Beernem40.Flanders Flanders14,512
Beerse Beerse41.Flanders Flanders16,208
Beersel Beersel42.Flanders Flanders23,228
Begijnendijk Begijnendijk43.Flanders Flanders9,178
Bekkevoort Bekkevoort44.Flanders Flanders5,714
Beloeil Beloeil45.Wallonia Wallonia13,405
Beringen Beringen46.Flanders Flanders40,930
Berlaar Berlaar47.Flanders Flanders10,370
Berlare Berlare48.Flanders Flanders13,853
Bernissart Bernissart49.Wallonia Wallonia11,588
Bertem Bertem50.Flanders Flanders9,215

1 - 50 of 500 places
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