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Largest places in Belgium

The largest cities and places in Belgium at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Belgium.

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Largest places in Belgium
Marchin Marchin451.Wallonia Wallonia5,063
Remicourt Remicourt452.Wallonia Wallonia5,050
Paliseul Paliseul453.Wallonia Wallonia5,037
Diegem Diegem454.Flanders Flanders5,001
Hotton Hotton455.Wallonia Wallonia4,969
Rumes Rumes456.Wallonia Wallonia4,918
Alveringem Alveringem457.Flanders Flanders4,910
Chiny Chiny458.Wallonia Wallonia4,897
Lontzen Lontzen459.Wallonia Wallonia4,862
Drogenbos Drogenbos460.Flanders Flanders4,843
Linkebeek Linkebeek461.Flanders Flanders4,823
Havelange Havelange462.Wallonia Wallonia4,790
Gouvy Gouvy463.Wallonia Wallonia4,706
Houffalize Houffalize464.Wallonia Wallonia4,614
Libin Libin465.Wallonia Wallonia4,609
Vaux-sur-Sure Vaux-sur-Sûre466.Wallonia Wallonia4,581
Somme-Leuze Somme-Leuze467.Wallonia Wallonia4,532
Houyet Houyet468.Wallonia Wallonia4,505
Zeebrugge Zeebrugge469.Flanders Flanders4,500
Cerfontaine Cerfontaine470.Wallonia Wallonia4,500
Attert Attert471.Wallonia Wallonia4,491
Ferrieres Ferrières472.Wallonia Wallonia4,434
Gedinne Gedinne473.Wallonia Wallonia4,416
Incourt Incourt474.Wallonia Wallonia4,395
Ohey Ohey475.Wallonia Wallonia4,324
Heron Héron476.Wallonia Wallonia4,305
Pepingen Pepingen477.Flanders Flanders4,261
Sint-Pieters-Voeren Sint-Pieters-Voeren478.Flanders Flanders4,235
Musson Musson479.Wallonia Wallonia4,225
La Roche-en-Ardenne La Roche-en-Ardenne480.Wallonia Wallonia4,200
Aubel Aubel481.Wallonia Wallonia4,119
Anthisnes Anthisnes482.Wallonia Wallonia4,116
Clavier Clavier483.Wallonia Wallonia4,092
Wenduine Wenduine484.Flanders Flanders4,003
Merbes-le-Chateau Merbes-le-Château485.Wallonia Wallonia3,999
Baelen Baelen486.Wallonia Wallonia3,928
Lens Lens487.Wallonia Wallonia3,902
Leglise Léglise488.Wallonia Wallonia3,865
Olne Olne489.Wallonia Wallonia3,836
Modave Modave490.Wallonia Wallonia3,825
Verlaine Verlaine491.Wallonia Wallonia3,600
Mons-lez-Liege Mons-lez-Liège492.Wallonia Wallonia3,595
Froidchapelle Froidchapelle493.Wallonia Wallonia3,579
Tintigny Tintigny494.Wallonia Wallonia3,538
Hamoir Hamoir495.Wallonia Wallonia3,500
Oreye Oreye496.Wallonia Wallonia3,373
Brugelette Brugelette497.Wallonia Wallonia3,358
Faimes Faimes498.Wallonia Wallonia3,349
Lierneux Lierneux499.Wallonia Wallonia3,332
Bievre Bièvre500.Wallonia Wallonia3,207

451 - 500 of 500 places
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