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Largest places in Belgium

The largest cities and places in Belgium at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Belgium.

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Largest places in Belgium
Bonheiden Bonheiden201.Flanders Flanders14,260
Aartselaar Aartselaar202.Flanders Flanders14,193
Leopoldsburg Leopoldsburg203.Flanders Flanders14,149
Hannut Hannut204.Wallonia Wallonia14,129
Anzegem Anzegem205.Flanders Flanders13,920
Basse Lasne Basse Lasne206.Wallonia Wallonia13,861
Berlare Berlare207.Flanders Flanders13,853
Waremme Waremme208.Wallonia Wallonia13,737
Tremelo Tremelo209.Flanders Flanders13,721
Lummen Lummen210.Flanders Flanders13,689
Dison Dison211.Wallonia Wallonia13,642
Ichtegem Ichtegem212.Flanders Flanders13,582
Lubbeek Lubbeek213.Flanders Flanders13,574
Ravels Ravels214.Flanders Flanders13,560
Haacht Haacht215.Flanders Flanders13,541
Couvin Couvin216.Wallonia Wallonia13,518
Buggenhout Buggenhout217.Flanders Flanders13,510
Esneux Esneux218.Wallonia Wallonia13,497
Assenede Assenede219.Flanders Flanders13,495
Herselt Herselt220.Flanders Flanders13,493
Jabbeke Jabbeke221.Flanders Flanders13,488
Beloeil Beloeil222.Wallonia Wallonia13,405
Overpelt Overpelt223.Flanders Flanders13,344
Amay Amay224.Wallonia Wallonia13,307
Wezembeek-Oppem Wezembeek-Oppem225.Flanders Flanders13,245
Oosterzele Oosterzele226.Flanders Flanders13,151
Sprimont Sprimont227.Wallonia Wallonia12,945
Wanze Wanze228.Wallonia Wallonia12,918
Wingene Wingene229.Flanders Flanders12,887
Dinant Dinant230.Wallonia Wallonia12,875
Kraainem Kraainem231.Flanders Flanders12,815
Blegny Bl├ęgny232.Wallonia Wallonia12,745
Kuurne Kuurne233.Flanders Flanders12,638
Grez-Doiceau Grez-Doiceau234.Wallonia Wallonia12,367
Keerbergen Keerbergen235.Flanders Flanders12,363
Oud-Turnhout Oud-Turnhout236.Flanders Flanders12,354
Bocholt Bocholt237.Flanders Flanders12,346
Zandhoven Zandhoven238.Flanders Flanders12,306
Machelen Machelen239.Flanders Flanders12,252
Arendonk Arendonk240.Flanders Flanders12,247
Boechout Boechout241.Flanders Flanders12,145
Opwijk Opwijk242.Flanders Flanders12,045
Mettet Mettet243.Wallonia Wallonia12,014
Veurne Veurne244.Flanders Flanders11,983
Liedekerke Liedekerke245.Flanders Flanders11,980
Rochefort Rochefort246.Wallonia Wallonia11,978
Gerpinnes Gerpinnes247.Wallonia Wallonia11,977
Kinrooi Kinrooi248.Flanders Flanders11,946
Kortemark Kortemark249.Flanders Flanders11,937
Jodoigne Jodoigne250.Wallonia Wallonia11,930

201 - 250 of 500 places
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