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Largest places in Belgium

The largest cities and places in Belgium at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Belgium.

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Largest places in Belgium
Ranst Ranst151.Flanders Flanders17,405
Lebbeke Lebbeke152.Flanders Flanders17,372
Wervik Wervik153.Flanders Flanders17,340
Stabroek Stabroek154.Flanders Flanders17,294
Londerzeel Londerzeel155.Flanders Flanders17,274
Haaltert Haaltert156.Flanders Flanders17,129
Vise Visé157.Wallonia Wallonia17,054
Stekene Stekene158.Flanders Flanders16,989
Denderleeuw Denderleeuw159.Flanders Flanders16,969
Dour Dour160.Wallonia Wallonia16,861
Marche-en-Famenne Marche-en-Famenne161.Wallonia Wallonia16,856
Destelbergen Destelbergen162.Flanders Flanders16,853
Lede Lede163.Flanders Flanders16,813
Essen Essen164.Flanders Flanders16,754
Peruwelz Péruwelz165.Wallonia Wallonia16,647
Tessenderlo Tessenderlo166.Flanders Flanders16,574
Herve Herve167.Wallonia Wallonia16,544
Herzele Herzele168.Flanders Flanders16,523
Beerse Beerse169.Flanders Flanders16,208
Neerpelt Neerpelt170.Flanders Flanders16,122
Duffel Duffel171.Flanders Flanders16,011
Sint-Kruis Sint-Kruis172.Flanders Flanders16,000
Fleron Fléron173.Wallonia Wallonia15,994
Puurs Puurs174.Flanders Flanders15,944
Pont-a-Celles Pont-à-Celles175.Wallonia Wallonia15,909
Boom Boom176.Flanders Flanders15,810
Riemst Riemst177.Flanders Flanders15,809
Peer Peer178.Flanders Flanders15,551
Diksmuide Diksmuide179.Flanders Flanders15,515
Lille Lille180.Flanders Flanders15,466
Putte Putte181.Flanders Flanders15,276
Soumagne Soumagne182.Wallonia Wallonia15,237
Rotselaar Rotselaar183.Flanders Flanders15,007
Aubange Aubange184.Wallonia Wallonia14,932
Bredene Bredene185.Flanders Flanders14,862
Ciney Ciney186.Wallonia Wallonia14,830
Kruibeke Kruibeke187.Flanders Flanders14,815
Thuin Thuin188.Wallonia Wallonia14,682
Zulte Zulte189.Flanders Flanders14,670
Merchtem Merchtem190.Flanders Flanders14,660
Ternat Ternat191.Flanders Flanders14,569
Rumst Rumst192.Flanders Flanders14,521
Beernem Beernem193.Flanders Flanders14,512
Landen Landen194.Flanders Flanders14,458
Wemmel Wemmel195.Flanders Flanders14,406
Bastogne Bastogne196.Wallonia Wallonia14,395
Bree Bree197.Flanders Flanders14,363
Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont198.Wallonia Wallonia14,353
Eghezee Éghezée199.Wallonia Wallonia14,352
Genappe Genappe200.Wallonia Wallonia14,266

151 - 200 of 500 places
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