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Largest places in Belgium

The largest cities and places in Belgium at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Belgium.

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Largest places in Belgium
Menen Menen51.Flanders Flanders31,916
Tienen Tienen52.Flanders Flanders31,743
Evergem Evergem53.Flanders Flanders31,615
Heusden Heusden54.Flanders Flanders31,017
Wevelgem Wevelgem55.Flanders Flanders30,954
Geraardsbergen Geraardsbergen56.Flanders Flanders30,807
Sint-Pieters-Leeuw Sint-Pieters-Leeuw57.Flanders Flanders30,446
Helchteren Helchteren58.Flanders Flanders30,050
Houthalen Houthalen59.Flanders Flanders30,050
Tongeren Tongeren60.Flanders Flanders29,816
Deinze Deinze61.Flanders Flanders29,815
Waterloo Waterloo62.Wallonia Wallonia29,778
Bilzen Bilzen63.Flanders Flanders29,622
Louvain-la-Neuve Louvain-la-Neuve64.Wallonia Wallonia29,521
Courcelles Courcelles65.Wallonia Wallonia29,473
Asse Asse66.Flanders Flanders28,985
Zaventem Zaventem67.Flanders Flanders28,188
Oudenaarde Oudenaarde68.Flanders Flanders27,935
Aarschot Aarschot69.Flanders Flanders27,656
Ans Ans70.Wallonia Wallonia27,297
Ath Ath71.Wallonia Wallonia26,681
Kapellen Kapellen72.Flanders Flanders26,410
Izegem Izegem73.Flanders Flanders26,382
Arlon Arlon74.Wallonia Wallonia26,179
Temse Temse75.Flanders Flanders26,054
Harelbeke Harelbeke76.Flanders Flanders25,978
Herentals Herentals77.Flanders Flanders25,912
Brecht Brecht78.Flanders Flanders25,908
Flemalle-Haute Flémalle-Haute79.Wallonia Wallonia25,144
Soignies Soignies80.Wallonia Wallonia24,869
Lanaken Lanaken81.Flanders Flanders24,771
Mortsel Mortsel82.Flanders Flanders24,525
Zottegem Zottegem83.Flanders Flanders24,434
Ronse Ronse84.Flanders Flanders24,204
Nivelles Nivelles85.Wallonia Wallonia24,149
Andenne Andenne86.Wallonia Wallonia24,055
Maaseik Maaseik87.Flanders Flanders23,684
Oupeye Oupeye88.Wallonia Wallonia23,594
Overijse Overijse89.Flanders Flanders23,486
Zwevegem Zwevegem90.Flanders Flanders23,358
Beersel Beersel91.Flanders Flanders23,228
Wetteren Wetteren92.Flanders Flanders22,930
Hamme Hamme93.Flanders Flanders22,891
Willebroek Willebroek94.Flanders Flanders22,808
Saint-Nicolas Saint-Nicolas95.Wallonia Wallonia22,586
Westerlo Westerlo96.Flanders Flanders22,579
Diest Diest97.Flanders Flanders22,516
Saint-Ghislain Saint-Ghislain98.Wallonia Wallonia22,500
Manage Manage99.Wallonia Wallonia22,196
Maldegem Maldegem100.Flanders Flanders22,092

51 - 100 of 500 places
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